February 18, 2004


  Just when I get used to my early morning starts (at 2-3 a.m.), Elijah goes and changes on me! :) He's now sleeping until 5 a.m. and sometimes as late as 7! Now I'm sure you're thinking, 'Quit complaining and enjoy the sleep!' I am. But I miss my early start. Now when I get up, everyone else does too. I'm thinking about setting the alarm clock for 3:30. Crazy? Nope. Just dedicated to my passion, and wanting to thrive in it.
  The snow is melting away. Actually, it's nearly gone. It was fun at first, but when the electricity stayed off for a day, I wasn't so pleased with it. :) Isn't that the way it goes with many things in our lives? We have an idea about something/someone that we think is beautiful, wonderful, and fun. Then when it arrives, we become disgruntled about all the bad, or negative aspects of it. Instead of focusing on all the positive sides, suddenly all we seem to be able to see are the things that we don't like about it.
  First Timothy 6:6 says, "But godliness with contentment is great gain." When you feel inwardly sufficient that you need nothing or no one else to bring a sense of fulfillment to you, that is true contentment. Feeling and knowing that what you have, be it little or much, is adequate, brings the greatest sense of happiness within yourself.
  Think about something that you built hopes, dreams, desires upon. When you finally obtained it, was it all that you'd hoped for? If not, then why? The next time you set your sights on something, attain it with great hope, then treasure it for all the goodness of it. You will come to find in doing so all the little things in everyday life will grow sweeter in your eyes.