February 04, 2004

Surprises are Wonderful!

  I received a visit from the UPS man yesterday. Inside the cardboard box was a terrific surprise! Angela sent me three books, including The Artist's Way, which I have been wanting ever since she told me about it.

  I started reading last night. So far I have everything up to Chapter One. I am so anxious to delve into that beginning chapter! If the contents of the book are as good as the introduction, I'm in for a treat!

  I did my Morning Pages at 4 a.m. this morning. It was harder than I expected! Writing three pages longhand (when you're used to typing on the computer) is quite a bit! The first page was the hardest I think. But by the time I reached the end of page three, I was thinking that I probably could have gone on for two more pages. My hand had a terrible cramp, of course. :)

  After reflecting yesterday, and then receiving these books, I have been doing a lot of thinking. This is what I have determined:

  I have begun to find some direction in my life. I am walking on a path to success. I have finally found the path to follow and am walking on it in faith, believing that I can do anything through Christ, who strengthens me along the way.

  Failure is not an option. I want to leave my children a heritage of success and achievement, not loss and disappointment.

  Procrastination is simply the voice of FEAR. Fear is caused by WORRY. Worry and Fear are FALSE.

  Perception is everything. To be judgemental is wrong. I'm not inside that person's head. I don't know their thoughts, feelings, or intentions.

  Ask questions. Be open. Be honest, but kind.

  The only way to achieve a breakthrough is to work hard at it. You can't get something for nothing. If I want success, then I must be the one to follow through. It won't be handed to me on a silver platter. Success is hard work.

  I can't measure my level of success against someone else's. We are all successful people at different levels. I am unique, so my success will not be equal to another's. Therefore, I must strive each day to reach the mark that I consider successful.

  Goals are important. They provide us a roadmap to success. Without goals, you can't possibly know how to get where you want to be.

  Remember where you came from. Don't look back in regret, though. Only look back in reflection. Go to your written goals and see what you've accomplished so far. It's a lot!

  Whiners never win! So just stop complaining about not having the resources you think you need, and use the resources you do have!

  Find support in your friends and family. Get rid of the nay-sayers. You don't need negativity. Keep the positive people close to your side for reinforcement.

  There will be times that you don't have support. This is the tough part, because in these times you must learn to encourage yourself!

  Last, but certainly not least....ACTION CONQUERS FEAR! For those of you who know and talk to me regularly, you're probably getting sick of me saying that. SORRY! But I won't stop saying it. I say this simple phrase to myself EVERY DAY. Think about it. Fear will paralize you if you let it. So cancel out whatever fear you have, and GET MOVING!! In most instances, the moments of fear will either create a breakthrough or a brick wall. It's YOUR choice on what to do with the fear. Will you use it to to your advantage for a productive insight? Or will you allow it to stop you dead in your tracks?