May 25, 2004

Life's Accomplishments

I was given an assignment this week to create two lists. The first is a list of my "wants." The second is a list of my life's accomplishments (great and small). I was pretty leery of this assignment. I figured that my list of wants would grow like Pinocchio's nose. I didn't think I'd be able to think of any accomplishments to write down.

When I opened a blank file and began typing, I amazed even myself. You see, after writing a handful of "wants" down, I couldn't think of much more! So I opened a new file for my "accomplishments." To my delight, I began remembering things I've done that I'd forgotten about.

You see, I've been so focused on what I'm not doing, that somewhere along the way, I've lost sight of all the things I've already accomplished in my lifetime! I am humbled, and yet excited. Because I can see where I've come from and I see the path ahead of me.

Are you feeling a bit blue with your present situation? Feeling like you will never be what you want to be, or do what you want to do? Sit down now and create a list of your life's accomplishments.