June 07, 2004


<bgsound src="/nothingsgonnastopusnow.mid" loop="1">

Okay, so I suppose I've gone music crazy. So sue me. If you liked the 80s (or the movie 'Mannequin'), hit Play.

I feel like I'm growing stronger within myself. I'm believing more in myself these days. My mantra this year has been "ACTION CONQUERS FEAR". I've said it continuously this year. I've written it at the end of nearly every journal entry I write. It became a natural habit to say it. The thing is, it became just a set of words. Mindless repetition.

Let me tell you, my friends, mindless repetition is sometimes a wonderful thing. Because in the oddest moments, realization will knock you off your feet, and you get one of those, "AHA!" moments.

Have you had an "AHA!" moment lately? What was it about?