November 03, 2004


How much courage does it take to change your life? Only an ounce.

Steps to Courage:

What is your greatest fear? The first thing you must do is recognize and acknowledge that fear. No, don't embrace it. Rather, put your finger right on the middle of its nose and say, "Hey, YOU! I know who you are. You can't scare me anymore!"

Once you recognize that fear, you can then declare your freedom from it. The path to freedom is action. Take one step at a time against that fear. You will conquer it!

When you stomp all over your fears, the next step is bravery. Now that you have mastered your fear(s), your spirit will soar, allowing you to rise to the occasion and do anything and everything you've been longing to do. You will find strength during this time. You will believe in yourself.

During this final phase in your trek to discovering courage, you will possess and embody courage itself. You will realize your potential. Everything that seemed so cloudy and negative will suddenly become unlimited possibilities. Not only will you do this, but you will face and deal with every obstacle henceforth without shrinking in doubt and fear.

Now the power has been shifted back into your hands!!