December 09, 2004

I Dare You!

I have always suffered with low self-esteem. Around the time I turned 19, I had finally worked myself out of the negative thought patterns and turned myself into a courageous, self-assured young lady who wasn't afraid to say or do anything. Somehow over the last six or seven years, though, I managed to lose myself in the process of getting married and having a family.

Over this past year, I worked hard at regaining my self-identity. I struggled long and hard with redefining myself as a woman, not just a wife and mother. I have dreams and desires, just as my husband and children do. Yet, I had been stuck in a thought process that told me I didn't deserve to have any part of that happiness or fulfillment until my children are grown.

It amazes me at how many other women feel this very same way. Many of us put our lives on the back burner for others. And then we wonder why we struggle with feelings of unworthiness, self-doubt and fear. Somewhere, somehow, we must stop this cycle of self-abuse.

The fact of the matter is nobody but you or I can do it. We cannot sit around and wait for external acceptance. That will never satisfy us.

Dare to go deep within yourself. Find that inner peace. Rediscover love and acceptance for yourself. Allow yourself to live in the moment without feeling the burden of what someone may (or may not) say, think or feel about you. It's your life--just BE!