December 26, 2004

Mass destruction

Christmas is over, now the real fun begins--cleaning.

Our living room is covered with toys. We cleared a path large enough to walk through last night. Of course, there is church this morning and tonight so I'm sure the cleaning will be put off one more day.

Emily's bedroom is tiny, so her Strawberry Shortcake house consumes it. She doesn't care though. She's just happy that she got her Strawberry Shortcake house. Along with her Barbies, Barbie shopping cash register, clothes, boots, coloring books and markers, Strawberry Shortcake radio and cds (along with a lot more that I can't even remember)...she's a happy girl.

Elijah got lots of little trucks, trains, and many other noise-makers. He didn't get to play with much of it last night because he crashed when we got home. I'm sure our house will be filled with lots of bells, whistles and music this morning as he discovers all his new treasures.

I'm happy it's over. It was a nice Christmas, but the tree will come down either today or tomorrow.

I hope you had a fabulous one as well!!