February 14, 2005

Happy Valentine's Day

My day started out pretty bad today. I woke up early with an upset stomach and well...it all went downhill from there. I became a permanent fixture on the couch all day. Thank God Elijah was good. I don't think I could have made it through the day if not.

I was so sick that I couldn't even talk to Robert when he got online for our morning chat. Of course, that made me want to cry but I was so sick I couldn't even cry.

"I wish I were there," he typed.

"Me, too," I replied before I made another mad dash for the bathroom.

When I returned he was typing the words to the song "You Are My Sunshine" to me.

"I wish I could take your sickness away." That's the kind of man he is.

Back in "the day" when I was single and "looking" I had grand ideas of what my husband would be like. I would pick the perfect man. He would have looks that would knock every woman dead off her feet. He would be at least 6 ft + tall. He would buy me the perfect presents at the perfect times. Well...he would be a regular old Knight In Shining Armor!

The funny thing about life is that the things we think we need and want are not.

The first time I met Robert I thought he was the goofiest person I'd ever met.

A friend of mine asked me after the party, "What do you think about Robert?"

"I wouldn't date him if he were the last man on the face of this earth!" I retorted and nothing else was ever said about it again.

A few months later, though, I began developing feelings for Robert. Out of nowhere I knew (don't ask me how--it's one of the "intuition" things) that I would marry him some day.

Now the funny thing about this is that up to this point, Robert and I had never even talked to each other. At most, we saw each other in passing at church. But I had that feeling in the gut of my stomach that I would marry him one day.

When we finally got together, it was like a miracle from God. I was so stubborn and full of pride. He was kind, loving, gentle and caring.

I know that if I had searched this world far and wide, looking for the "man of my dreams" I NEVER would have found a man who could be so good to me as Robert is. His love runs so deep and strong that I know I never have to fear of losing it.

No, he's not perfect. But neither am I. And as for my thoughts of glorious grandeur in a man, well...I know I have that man!

He is...

  • sweet
  • kind
  • caring
  • thoughtful
  • understanding
  • tender
  • compassionate
  • goodhearted
  • giving
  • loving