March 30, 2005

Released Control

I admit it. I am a control freak. I am also a perfectionist. If you can't do it my way then I'll just do it myself, thank you very much.

Today I released my control to my daughter.

We had a mountain of laundry in the living room. When Emily asked me if she could fold it, my initial reaction was of horror.

'If she folds the clothes they'll be a sloppy mess!'

But something stopped me. Do I want my child to feel as though nothing she does is "right?" Do I want her to feel useless? Do I want her to think I don't like anything she does? Absolutely NOT!

So I smiled, hugged her and said, "You sure can, Punkin!"

The clothes were folded in disorderly fashion and mixed up, instead of sorted in neat piles like I do. But they were perfect just as they were. My baby is learning to be a great helper, and without knowing it, teaching me to release control.