August 07, 2005

Is it just me?

I keep seeing a commercial play that really sends me over the edge. The commercial is for a weight-loss company. You know, one of the big-named ones that sends you pre-packaged food for every day of the week. All you do is eat their food and PRESTO! the pounds melt off.

So this YOUNG lady pops onto the screen, all smiles. She looks REALLY thin, so I'm expecting her weight-loss story to be a good one. You know, the kind where she says, "I lost 200 pounds in only three months!" *wink*

Instead, she says (while flashing that brilliant smile, I might add), "I went from a size 10 to a size 4!"


She went from skinny to...SKINNY?!?!


What is this teaching the young people of our day? Being thin isn't good enough, people--let's go for being ANOREXIC!


Look, let's face it. I need to lose weight. Desperately. I have really packed on the pounds since having Elijah. But this really makes me sick. Which makes me wonder about this young woman's frame of mind.

While I am at my heaviest weight (even heavier than I was both times I was pregnant--YEAH, tell me about it!), I have never been more comfortable in my own skin. Yes, it's true.

See, it isn't about how much you weigh, or what dress size you're in. If you are happy with you, that's all that matters!

Size 10 to size 4?! GIVE ME A BREAK! If that company helped--encouraged even!--this lady to lose weight, I don't think I would want their help! What kind of people do things like that????