December 13, 2005

Talking to yourself

I have always been fascinated by the way the mind works. More specifically, how certain dreams speak to us.

Last night I went to bed with a lot on my mind. I almost blogged about it, but I'm glad now I didn't. It really wasn't worth the time or energy. I thought I poured it all out on the page, but obviously I didn't because it came forth in my dreams last night.

After looking up certain important key factors in my dream, I had to chuckle. My mind was speaking to me while I slept. What was it trying to tell me? I'll list the bulleted points here:

  • I must nurture myself. My character needs to be nurtured, comforted, protected.

  • There is a part of me inside that is fighting to be heard. I need to listen to my intuition.

  • I need to acknowledge what is causing conflict in my life, take responsibility for it, then have the initiative to resolve these issues. (I know what they are, I've been avoiding them.)

  • I need to be self-confident in my ability to handle things. I am capable of taking control of the situation.

It's easy sometimes to get wrapped up in all the drama and then you end up forgetting what the core issue is. This morning I know what that is. I am going to take some time this morning to center myself, my thoughts. I am in control. I don't care what anyone else thinks or says. I know what I must do for me.