April 19, 2006

To share, or not to share

I have been rethinking this whole blog thing. I've asked myself what is the purpose for keeping a blog? It seems that over the last two years or so, my blog has evolved. At this point, I'm not sure what my purpose is for blogging.

There's the issue of getting too personal. Sharing too much information isn't always a good thing. I do have the tendency to lay everything on the table, because I think being personal allows people to see that I'm a real person, too. Now I'm questioning if this was a good idea or not.

I would never want to do anything that would be detrimental to me or my family or friends. There's a fine line there and there have been times in the recent past when I've thought to myself that I crossed the line in sharing too much, opening too much of myself here.

I wanted to keep it real. Open. Honest. Truth. But when is too much too much?

I'm deciding what to do. I don't want to delete everything. Yet, I am not sure if I've been too open, too revealing here. Once I decide what my purpose for having a blog is, I will determine what to do.

April 18, 2006

Fiction turn-ons and turn-offs

I started reading a book several days ago. This one's been sitting on the shelf for three years, waiting to be read. Yes, three years. I picked it up at a book carnival the summer that I was pregnant with Elijah and never got around to reading it.

I was a few chapters into it and decided to bring it along for the roadtrip. Over the weekend I read through about 3/4 of it. On the way back home I determined to finish it.

I picked up where I'd left off. I had trouble getting into the book from the very beginning. I just didn't "click" with the characters. I kept getting confused about who was whom. And to my dismay, the plot was totally predictable. Not fun.

I want to be surprised. Thrilled. Ecstatic. Breathless. But I wasn't. I kept thinking, Yep, I knew that was coming. I really dislike reading such books. I don't want to be able to figure out what's going to happen next. I want to be stunned. The ending of the book was a surprise, but I didn't feel closure in the way it ended. Another thing I dislike. When I reach the end, I want to feel like it's done.

On a scale of 1-10 (1 being SUPER! 10 being BLECH!), I'd probably rate it about a 4. It had a good premise, but was so predictable that it bored me. The only reason I read it all the way through is because I don't like to start a book and not finish it. I won't give away the title or the author, because I respect her and her work. I just thought it might be an interesting discussion.

What draws you into fiction? What turns you off?

I'm home!

We decided to come back a day early. Emily has TCAP testing, beginning tomorrow. I wanted to make sure she is well-rested for the tests and traveling the day before testing probably wouldn't be a good idea.

We had a really fun weekend. Emily (who has only seen plastic easter eggs) had a ball dying and hunting "real" eggs. I'm so glad we were there this weekend. I felt like she got to experience something I used to love as a kid. Some of my best memories with my maternal grandparents is Easter Sundays. It was nice to share that with my daughter.

I don't have much to say today. It's way too early. For some reason Elijah woke up at the butt-crack of dawn. Just wanted to post a note to say, "Hi!" I hope you had a fun weekend!

April 13, 2006

Long weekend

My family and I are traveling this weekend. I will resume blogging on Wednesday. Have a fun, safe Easter weekend!

April 12, 2006

The big 3-0

In a couple of months I'll turn 30. Just looking at that number feels weird. I feel like I'm moving to a new phase in my life. It's scary, yet exciting.

I've been thinking about all the things I want to do. For some reason, there never seems to be enough hours in my days. Or maybe it's just that I waste too much time.

So I'm making a plan. I have just over two months to do all sorts of things before I turn 30. Yikes. I better get busy!

April 11, 2006


"It's not necessarily the amount of time you spend at practice that counts; it's what you put into the practice."
- Eric Lindros

I do my best to "practice" writing every day. Some days I write up to 10 pages before I stop. Other, only 2 or 3. But whatever the page count, I write by hand.

While writing my daily practice pages several days ago, I realized something. Most of my pages are blather. Just the daily grind kind of things. I like to write my thoughts or particular occurrences from my daily life, simply because many times I've gone back and found nuggets to use for essays. But I wondered at what point my daily practice become daily blubber.

In high school, I wrote my very first short story in my journal for English class. I quickly bored of the "Today I ..." entries. I decided to just let my imagination run wild on the pages. Oh, what fun! I even wrote an entire entry once in French! (I shudder to think of the errors in that one!)

My point in saying all this is, practice makes perfect. Yes. But, perfect practice makes perfect! I mean, when practice can be perfected on some level--making my writing about more than just daily happenings--it becomes perfect in itself. It teaches me and I learn from it and grow from it. It really doesn't matter if I write for 50 minutes or 10, three pages or twenty. It's what I put into that practice that matters.

What are you practicing that can be perfected?

April 07, 2006

Life goes on

It's been a full week now since all this craziness occurred. I still feel troubled. I feel unsettled. But I'm trusting in God to be in control of all this.

It's been a full three months since Robert's homecoming. Some days I have to remind myself that he was ever gone for so long. Then there are those days when I see that faraway look in his eyes and know that the battle scars are there. I was told that the transitional period of returning to "normal" life would be the same length as however Robert was gone. I thought they were crazy then. I believe them now. War changes people. Soldiers and families alike. Thank God for strength of unity.

So this is my life. For some reason, God has chosen to lead me down a path I never imagined I'd go. I'm walking, sometimes unsteady and unsure, but I'm walking nonetheless. I thank God for allowing me to be the one to go through this. Obviously, He thought me strong enough to handle it, else He wouldn't have given it to me. And I know in the end, I will be wiser, caring, understanding, and empathetic.

April 03, 2006

Prayer request

I can't much here right now, except to ask for your prayers for my family. There's a lot going on and we really need direction from God. As soon as I can talk about what's going on I'll update, but for now please remember us in your prayers. Thanks!