November 13, 2008

Finding the Good

This past week has been a struggle for me. When I find myself in this spot, I have to be even more diligent in forcing myself to find the good in everything, because it's just easier to see the bad. Then I received an email newsletter yesterday that provided me with just the boost I needed.

All too often, when we're down in the slumps, we just stay there. We focus on all the stuff going on around us that looks bad. We talk about them. We live, breathe, and eat them. Eventually, we're consumed by them because we choose not to find our way out of that mental state. At least, that's what usually happens.

I'm trying very hard to step out of that state. I don't want to grow pessimistic with age. I don't want to become jaded by life. Stuff happens to everyone. Truth is, there are a lot more people in this world that are much worse off than I.

I want to revel in my mountain peaks. When times are rough, I want to look up and remind myself of all the times in between that were fun or good or happy. Those times--the good times--are the safety net underneath me when I'm down. They're the angel wings that will lift me up in the valley and protect me to the next mountain peak.

If you're struggling with something today and you feel like there's nothing good in your life at this time, stop and think about the last time something wonderful happened to you. Remind yourself of all the blessings you've received to date. I'm betting the good will outweigh the bad.