November 19, 2008

When "Stuff" Happens

I've been fighting some sort of nasty crud since the weekend. While I'm feeling better than I did a few days ago, I still have a horrible cough. Someone gave me a tip this morning (rub Vicks vapor rub on soles of feet, then wear socks) so I decided to make a quick run to the store. About half-way there, an 18-wheeler flung a rock into my windshield. It didn't bust a hold all the way through, but it shattered on the inside and shards of glass flew all over my dash.

It caught me off-guard and scared me. And of course, made me a bit nervous. Nothing like this has ever happened to me. I called my husband and he (like the hero he is) came to my rescue to help.

Now, almost two hours later, I'm back at home and thinking about the incident. And I'm feeling very proud of myself. Normally, when something this major happens, I totally lose it. I cry, worry, and throw one of my God-must-not-love-me-anymore fits. But I didn't do that this morning. I remained calm and held my composure, despite my nervousness.

"Stuff" will always happen. Our reaction is what is so important. Often times, we are tested with "stuff" because God wants to see how we will react, or if we've learned anything from the last similar test. I've failed this simple test for years. But I think I finally just passed it this morning with flying colors! :)

When stuff happens, don't lose it--turn to God!