December 09, 2008

I've Been Sick

sick I haven't meant to be away from my blog for so long, but I've been incredibly sick. About three weeks ago I started with a cold. I took OTC meds, hoping to cure myself because I don't have medical insurance. It didn't work. I only got sicker.

I went to the doctor the week of Thanksgiving and was told I had an upper respiratory infection. By then, I had a constant cough that was more than annoying and could not be controlled with cough syrup.

I took my antibiotics and prescription-strength cough syrup faithfully for a week. When all medicines were completely gone by this past Thursday, I still wasn't totally well. I felt a lot better, but the cough remained. In fact, it has gotten even worse. Now I can hardly sleep at night because when I lie flat on my back, I can't breathe. I wake up coughing and gasping for breath. It's not fun.

So I went back to the doctor yesterday. I was told that now I have walking pneumonia. I had to breathe into a machine to test my lungs. The doctor showed me the results; the machine said I have the lungs of an 81 year old right now. I believe it because I haven't been able to breathe well in weeks now. I'm on more meds and I am hoping and praying that by the time I finish these I will be better. He said this antibiotic is used to treat a few things, so it should knock it out for me.

I just hope I'm better by Christmas. We're moving the day after Christmas and I really need to be able to move heavy objects. Please remember me in your prayers!