March 03, 2006

Let's catch up

  • Husband went to the doctor Wednesday for his follow-up from a previous appointment. Found out the nagging "cold" he's had for over a week is actually tonsillitis. Got a shot and is finally beginning to feel better. Went back to work this morning.

  • Was up all night Thursday night with a sick boy.

  • Daughter woke up yesterday morning running fever.

  • Took both kids and myself to the doctor yesterday. (You can read more about that here.) We've all three got meds and hopefully will be lots better soon. Kids already seem like they feel better but I'm keeping Em home from school today, just in case.

  • AC unit went out a week ago. Found out yesterday we're not under warranty and the unit went obsolete pretty soon after it was installed (which is probably why we got it so cheap). You know what this means. We have to buy a whole new unit. Ah well, such is life. Right?