April 30, 2004

The Digressed Writer

Today I'm feeling quite creative. But what am I doing? I'm sitting here on the internet reading blogs, articles, etc. instead of CREATING! I do this a lot actually. I tend to let other things (radio, tv, kids, books, etc.) sidetrack me. And then when I finally decide, "Okay, time to work," the creativeness is gone. I don't think it's really gone. Misplaced, maybe.

April 29, 2004

Get your dancin' shoes on!

I lost 5.5 pounds!!!!!!!!!

Wish me luck!


Today's the day. Weigh-in day. I'm nervous, excited, scared. I just hope that I come back with a good report. :)

April 28, 2004

Blog Blowout

So here I am again today not knowing what in the world to blog about. I've visited my favorite daily blog reads, but I'm still sitting here stuck. How about YOU take a turn? Answer these questions in the comment section:

  1. Do you only READ blogs, or are you a blogger, too?
  2. Do you have a favorite blog? (Share a link.)
  3. What types of blogs do you enjoy reading? (i.e. parenting, humor, inspirational, etc.)
  4. What is the greatest take-away value you obtain from reading a blog?

April 27, 2004

Excuse me, have you seen my mind?

I felt bad because I helped spring clean my mother-in-law's house, but I haven't done anything in my own. So I decided this morning that I'd clean a bit, then I'd be able to write during my quiet time after lunch. This is so NOT going to happen.

So far I've cleaned the bathroom and kitchen, but I'm still not finished. I still have yet to scrub the tub and sink in the bathroom (I always save that for last b/c I hate doing it). I went through my little hutch and cleaned it out and organized my canned goods, but I still have to go through my other cabinets. I think I will save that for later, though, b/c they're not that bad.

I also decided while working in the kitchen that I'm going to paint the cabinets. They are a horrible dark brown. My kitchen is so small as it is, that the cabinets swallow it whole. I will probably go with an off-white to brighten things up.

To Blog, or not to blog

I guess you can probably tell that I haven't been in a blogging mood for about a week. I don't really know why. I guess I've just been so busy with other "stuff" that it really hasn't crossed my mind.

I'm enjoying the wonderful weather. Last week it rained nearly every day. This week the sun is bright again, and it's so nice outside. Yesterday I was able to keep the windows open all day and enjoy the fresh air. It was just cool enough to keep it from being stuffy in the house.

I have lots to do this week. I have to wrap up May's issue of Cup of Hope. I also have a few other "loose ends" to tie, too.

April 26, 2004

Monday! Monday!

It looks like the rain has finally broke. The sun is shining bright this morning, birds are tweeting, it's nice and cool, and MY GRASS NEEDS TO BE CUT! :) Robert's been so busy with everything else that he hasn't had time to do our lawn. I think he'll probably get to it today, though.

I'm babysitting this morning. I was afraid Jayden would cry all morning. He did cry for just a minute, but then I cuddled with him and we watched JoJo's Circus. He snuggled up with a blanket and went back to sleep. Now Emily's up and she's keeping him busy. LOL She loves having company to play with. It seems like she gets along better with boys than she does girls. YIKES! :)

April 25, 2004

For my friends, Angela and Kelly:

When things go wrong,
(And they sometimes will)
Put a smile on your face
And keep holding on.

Trials and burdens
Get the best of us all.
But you must stand again
After the fall.

Lessons learned,
Hard as they may be,
Prove their value
To you and me.

Take your enlightenment,
Hold it in your hands.
Turn it left and right,
Look at every angle you can.

What have you learned?
What truths does it bear?
Search and you will find
A pearl of wisdom there.

April 23, 2004


It's still raining! Three days and counting. I love rain. BUT...I have to get out in it after while with both kids by myself! I'm taking them to have pictures made. I hope it slows down at least before we have to leave. We're under a flood watch until this evening, too.

Today is my first day on WW. I did good (mentally) until lunch. That's usually my breaking point. But, I fixed my lunch, and cut an apple into small slices (so it would last longer) and placed it on my plate with the rest of my food. By the time I finished everything, I was so full I didn't even want any cookies. Plus, I just realized as I marked another box off for water, that I only have one more glass of water to go for today's 8 glasses! Wow! I think I'm going to have Robert take a "before" picture of me so I'll have something to show off when all this weight is gone.

April 22, 2004


If you collect recipes and happen to have some quick, simple, easy Weight Watchers recipes (or links to some) please share them! I'm putting together a new recipe box. Gotta take this seriously!

Paying to be Healthy

I joined Weight Watchers tonight. It was much more laid back and relaxed than I thought it would be. I was very nervous, but it went okay. After returning home, I sat down with a pencil and paper and wrote down my typical day's diet to figure up points. I think this is going to be fairly simple and easy to follow. I just need to cut a few things out that I consume daily (sweets, etc.). Let's hope I lose weight, especially since I'm paying to lose it!

April 21, 2004


Emily, who is 4, has been "writing." Yesterday she came in the living room with a stack of books, her sketch pad, and twistable crayons. She sat in the floor and spread her books all around her. Then one by one, she wrote words from each book in her sketch pad.

Maybe this is nothing grand, and perhaps your kids have done the same. But I am amazed as I watch her do this. The other day she did this, using her flash cards. First she wrote the word "Pear" from the pear card. Then she looked at me and said, "Pear." Even though she doesn't realize it, she's actually teaching herself to read!!

April 20, 2004

Internet Burnout

This week I will be limiting my online time. I need to shift my focus to my family and writing at the present time. Never fear, I will blog. But I have several ideas that need to be put on paper, and I am doing so well on my novel challenge, that I want to keep the ball rolling as fast as I can.

Today will be Library Day for Emily and I. This used to be our special time together before Elijah. I'm so consumed in bottles and diapers that it's hard to find time to do things with Emily only. She's looking forward to our trip to the library, so I'm sure it will be fun.

April 19, 2004

More weighty issues

Coffee, sugar, flavored creamer, ice cream, chocolate, cookies, candy.......can you tell where I'm headed with this yet?

For over a month I made a concerted effort to cut back on the "bad" foods. The harder I try, the more I eat. I think my problem is that I think about all the things I can't have instead of what I can eat.

This weekend I've heard lots of news about Iraq. I'm getting the feeling that things are going to get a lot worse before they get better. With the death toll so far at 100 in April, this brings the total since last March to over 700. After taking control of power, Spain's new prime minister is withdrawing their troops. Even though there is a cease-fire through tomorrow, one can't help but wonder if there isn't some sinister planning going on right now.

With Robert in the Army National Guard, I can't help but keep myself updated on what's going on. In the beginning when all this started, I worried a lot. Now I have come to the conclusion that worrying is useless. If he goes, all I can do is wait for him to return home and pray for his safety. If I ever feel myself returning to that "worry" frame of mind, I stop and remind myself of all the women who don't have their husbands anymore. Somehow they find the strength to continue on. So can I.

April 18, 2004


It's funny how I think I can't remember much from my childhood, then something comes along and jogs my memory. This is just a bit of fun for my family. When you guys read this, post a comment and tell me if you remember any of it.


  1. When I won an art contest in high school? (I painted Bart Simpson on a t-shirt.)
  2. When I was obsessed with Gremlins and wanted a little "furball" of my own? (I wrote a letter to Granny telling her I wanted one.)
  3. When I had a crush on G.C. (If you can't figure out the initials email me and I'll remind you! I'm sure you'll remember then!)
  4. When I won an art contest in elementary? (I don't remember what grade---5th maybe?) My prize was a huge art set.
  5. All the writing and spelling contests I entered?
  6. All the high school slumber parties?
  7. When I asked Moma to drive the car less than a mile to Kasey's house, and ended up quite a bit FARTHER from home?
  8. When we used to make "playhouses" out of quilts and blankets on the clothesline in the summertime?
  9. When I walked out of the bathroom at church with my (purple) dress tucked in the top of my underwear?
  10. When Angelique and I sang a "special song" in church and my microphone fell out of the stand onto the floor?

What do you remember?

April 17, 2004

Starting Over Again

Isn't it amazing how technology consumes our lives, but we don't realize just how much until it disappears?

I'm slowly recovering from my "loss" yesterday. I didn't realize I depended on my computer so much until everything saved on it was deleted. Thankfully because I have a laptop now, all my writing files are safe there! I would have really sat down and cried if I had lost EVERYTHING.

WABIAM Update:
I am nearly 4,000 words into my novel. I am thrilled that I'm making this much progress this quickly. It's amazing what I can do when I set my mind to it. :)

Working for the Weekend
Did you make it through the week in one piece? How did your week go? Did you learn anything new this week? What challenges did you face? Did you meet them head-on, or did you slip between the shadows and hide?

Jeff and Holly have a sweet baby boy. Congratulations! And I hope you have enjoyed your last few months sleeping in when you can, because my friends, those days are probably long gone. :)

I pray you have a strong, healthy baby.
I pray he sleeps all night.
I pray he doesn't cry and isn't fussy.
I pray his milk settles on his stomach well.
I pray that he is pleasant and happy.
May all your days be filled with happiness and joy that I know "Trey" will bring you!

Spilled Milk

My computer bombed out yesterday. Yep, lost everything........files, addresses, pictures........EVERYTHING. Talk about wanting to sit down and CRY! But crying won't bring it all back, so I just have to start over again. :) Thank God all my writing files are saved on my laptop!!!!!

This has been a full week. I can't believe it's already Friday. Looks like it's going to be a full weekend, too.

Since I haven't posted much all week, I thought today, just for fun, I'll create a sentence, using the Word Of The Day that I receive in my inbox daily. :) See if YOU can make a sentence with this one!

cock-a-hoop \kah-kuh-HOOP\ adjective

*1 : triumphantly boastful : exulting
2 : awry

I'm cock-a-hooping because my writing files are safe in my laptop.

Toodles! Have a wonderful Friday!

April 15, 2004

No Post

No Post

Sorry, but I will not be able to post a "real" blog entry again today. My desktop is being worked on (virus!) and I am only checking my email on my laptop. I certainly don't want to "catch a bug" on here, since it's where my writing files are housed. I'll be back as soon as I can with an update!

Wishing you a wonderful day!

April 14, 2004

Quick Update

I haven't fallen off the face of the earth, and I'm not hiding--I PROMISE! :) I've been busy making cards and working on my novel. Things are progressing and I grow more excited each day that I write on it. I am thinking about maybe posting more about it, but for now I'll just give an update from time to time. I don't have time for a full post today because I'm very busy. I'll try my best to post a good blog entry tomorrow morning!


April 12, 2004


It's raining this morning. Actually, it rained on and off all weekend.

We had a near-catastrophe Saturday. Let me rephrase that. ROBERT had a near-catastrophe. He was cutting grass and stopped to check something under the lawnmower. Without thinking (because if he had been thinking, he would have remembered that the blade free-rotates even after the mower is turned off), he reached under the deck. The blade wacked his middle finger and nearly cut the tip of it off. Then when he finally came home and told me what happened, his face was as white as a sheet, and his eyes were bloodshot. Scared me to death! After arguing with me for several minutes he finally agreed to go to the emergency room.

Of course, as you would know, we don't have insurance! The lady at the desk told him if he walked behind the doors it would automatically be $1,000!! GOOD GRIEF! Are those doors made of gold??!!

He told her to forget it. Then she recognized him as being a First Responder (and EMT). So she went to the back and fetched a package of some kind of sterile strips and told him to doctor himself. LOL Kind of makes you wonder what we need doctors for!

So he came back home (no, he wouldn't let me go with him to the hospital) and I taped and wrapped his finger. So now he's walking around with a 5 inch thick bandage on his middle finger.

Almost finished with my chapter summaries. Getting a new assignment today, so need to finish those up!

April 10, 2004

"Hoppy Easter!"

Art courtesy of Kelly Gibbons

Special thanks to Kelly for allowing me to use her cute "hunny bunny" today. :) Happy Easter to all!!

April 09, 2004

My Rebuttal

Yesterday, my pal, Angela, blogged about coffee intoxication. I read her blog with amusement. Not that I think it's funny to be intoxicated by coffee (because everyone who knows me, knows that I am).

I find it amusing that there are so many studies out there proving, re-proving and then proving again. Every new study seems to blast a big "X" over the last.

For instance, I did some googling myself this morning, and found:

Exactly what does all this research and study mean? Summed up in one word........NOTHING. There are so many conflicting researches and studies that:

I could continue posting more links, but it wouldn't matter. With inflamed news reports, and continuing contradictory "scientific findings" I think the best bet is to live healthy and be fit the way that you know how. Decide for yourself. Are your habits hurting you? Do you feel healthy?

After all, somedays we're the rat, and some days we're the wheel!

April 08, 2004

Random Acts of Journaling

"It is a really beautiful day. And maybe I will awaken pretty soon. I don't want not to work and yet I don't seem to get to it. The method --- it is the method that is so dreadful."
- John Steinbeck, Journal of a Novel: The East of Eden Letters, p. 95

Oh, how I have felt this way soooo many times! Getting started seems to be the biggest issue for me, as a writer. Once I sit down and start, the rest usually comes pretty easy.

Distractions don't have to be found--they lie in wait. Some days they call to me with great volume, begging to be picked up, played with, looked at, touched, spoken to, etc. From something as simple as reading a book, to working with crafts.

Sometimes distractions are a good thing. One important lesson I've learned this year is that it is especially important to "refill your well" each day. For if I continue to pour out of myself without refilling the empty space, it will forever remain empty.

So now I will follow through with "the method." I will write. Not because I have to. I will write because I want to. And that is enough for me.

(Today's entry is based on a writing prompt from Random Acts of Journaling.)

April 07, 2004

Busy Day!!

I didn't get up until 7 a.m. I planned on being awake by 5 (that's usually when Eli wakes up) and be on the computer writing by 5:30. Of course, when I make these "plans" I think Eli can read my mind, because he always sleeps late. :) Eli guzzled his bottle in less than 10 minutes, and went right back to sleep.

In the span of two hours, I have:

  1. Blogged
  2. Coded Cup of Hope e-zine
  3. Uploaded Cup of Hope e-zine to website
  4. Answered emails
  5. Saved ten gabillion quotes that were in my inbox (I LOVE quotes!)

The rest of this day should consist of:

  1. Completing Assigment 4 of Write a Book in a Bonth (WABIAM) challenge.(Never mind! I just found out I have until Monday! YAY!)
  2. Morning Pages
  3. Read more of Fit for God
  4. Church tonight

April 06, 2004

Book In A Month Update

(Just some thoughts)
I'm working at a turtle's pace, but I'm not giving up. Yesterday's assignment was to create a chapter outline. I did it, but haven't sent it in yet because I yawn when I look at it. It feels boring. If it feels boring to ME, then goodness knows nobody else will want to read it!!!!!! Gotta find a way to spice it up a bit!

April 05, 2004

Day 5

Today marks Day 5 of the challenge. I am up to just over 1,700 words. I should have more than that by now, but I am writing. :) This weekend I worked on some character sketches, which brought up more questions and thoughts for my novel.

Today I am going to write more on my novel and try to finish up my e-zine so that I can post that.

I've got a ton of housework to do today, also. I'm going to get busy on that here in just a bit so I will have the rest of the day to work. I've got an idea churning in my head for my next Cup of Hope blog entry. I'm going to jot some notes on that so I won't forget it. It was inspired yesterday morning by my pastor's message. Can't wait to share that!

April 03, 2004


This week I came to a writing crossroads; not writing as a whole, but a certain area of my writing. I didn't know which way to go. One sign said, "Go left" and another pointed right. I felt confused, frustrated, and undecided. Suddenly, I noticed a smaller sign, located near the tip-top of the pole.

It was so small, I nearly missed it. Only someone looking for it could have seen it. This sign, small as it was, contained this statement in bold letters: "KEEP GOING STRAIGHT.

I know where I'm going now. And although I don't know everything that will happen, or everything I am to do in the future, I know the Man that holds the Plan! :)

April 01, 2004


For some odd reason I find it easier to brainstorm and come up with ideas for other people than I do for myself. Wonder why? Maybe because I don't feel the "pressure" to create in those moments.

This week in my Morning Pages I allowed myself to dream about my perfect office. I called it my "special room." I went through "my room" and outlined every detail within it. I started with the windows, and covered everything from that to the furniture in it, and and ambience of the room.

It was as if I could actually see every detail, great and large, in my mind. I felt the soft, floral fabric that covered my huge, overstuffed reading chair. I saw the sun shining through the bay window. I touched delicate petals that bloomed from the many pots of flowers lining the sill. Fingers of the flickering sweet pea candles scattered about the room greet my sense of smell.

Numerous shelves line one wall, filled to overflowing with books, varying in shape and size. Beside my reading chair sits a floor lamp and a small end table. Atop the cherry finish sits my laptop, open and on, inviting me to begin my writing for the day.

One corner of my special room houses all other crafts that I enjoy. From sewing, to card-making, this is a special area for all the extra works of my hands. Standing next to this area is an artist's easel and lots of paint supplies.

I could go on and on. I have never had such an invigorating mental experience. To imagine, and dream of things that you desire, and write them down somehow validates them. I recently read an article on Terra's Wish about synchronicity. To know that I have the power over what happens to me (or doesn't happen) is an awesome responsibility. Because once I realize this, no longer can I lay blame on other things or other people. The power is in my hands. If I simply as for what I want, then start working towards it, I can create my own destiny. That is a powerful realization!

What are your hopes and dreams? What is in the innermost of your being that you've covered up and have not allowed to breathe and be? Unearth that dream. Remember it. Write down everything about it that you can think of. How does it make you feel? What do you see, feel, hear? Live in that moment, as if it already is. Dreams give our lives wings. Spread your wings!

It's hard not to start working at 5 a.m. when you've been awake since 3:30, dressed since 3:45, and at Wal-Mart at 4 a.m.

For some odd reason, Eli woke up at 3:30 this morning, his little tummy growling. I had ONE bottle left and no more cans of formula, so I decided to make a run to Wal-Mart at 4 a.m. before Rob left for work. This way, I wouldn't have to drag both kids out later.

So now I'm sipping my second cup of coffee, wondering what to do next. My clothes are on, my hair is brushed, I'm ready to get to work! :)

I have to work on April's issue of Cup of Hope and finish it up. Then I want to work on my novel and I might try to make a couple of cards today, also.

Today kicks off the April Fools challenge. I want to reach my goal. I know I can do it if I just try. I'll post updates throughout the month on it.