December 02, 2008

Book Review: Joshua's Hope

I have been reading through ebooks like crazy lately. My latest favorite read is Joshua's Hope, by Carol Ann Erhardt.

Hope's Review

Hope Courtland has survived an emotionally abusive marriage and is fighting for the one thing that made it all worthwhile--her stepson, Joshua. She's frustrated with God and feels like He's just not listening to her prayers. Zack Stone is a small-town sheriff, healing from the unexpected death of his wife, who tells himself he only wants to help Hope, then discovers he's falling in love with her despite himself.

Author, Carol Ann Erhardt hit a home run with Joshua's Hope. This fast-paced story kept me reading from start to finish (in a matter of a couple of hours!). The story is complete, with an emotional tale and characters who grow spiritually and emotionally throughout the book. Joshua's Hope contains mystery, murder, mayhem, and romance. It was truly a treat to read Joshua's Hope and I look forward to reading more of Carol's books.


To purchase

I highly recommend Joshua's Hope. If you've never purchased or read an ebook, this one is a great way to begin. Joshua's Hope is available through The Wild Rose Press. Click here to buy your copy.