January 07, 2009

Getting back into routines

School started back Monday. Although the first day in her new school didn't go so well for Emily, yesterday and today were much better. (Actually, school went fine--they put her on the wrong bus Monday afternoon.)

Now that she's back in school, I am adjusting to having Elijah at home with me all the time again. He was in Pre-K in Louisiana. They don't have that here in Mississippi. So for now he's back at home with me.

I love routines. They give me a sense of stability. Daily routines, no matter how big or small, help me stay focused. So getting back into the swing of things this week included:

  • Starting on my class work again
  • Learning to adjust to Elijah being at home
  • Emily going back to school
  • etc.

The "etc." includes things I don't really want to discuss publicly yet. I've gone through quite a bit of changes in the last month and still many more to go through in the coming months.

Hooray for routines! :)