October 28, 2009

Life’s Little Moments

For a few weeks now I have been overwhelmed with current events. Every day I found myself glued to the news (mostly online), checking for the lastest stories to keep me abreast on what’s happening around the world and here at home in the U.S. I’ve been disheartened with what’s going on. Yet, at the same time, I feel my spirit dancing because I know this world is not my home, and one of these days I’ll be called home to be with my Savior forever.

But for now, how do you deal with everything? It’s easy to become overwhelmed and inundated by the craziness of this world. It’s scary to know what happens all around us, sometimes right in our own back yards. But we can’t become paralyzed with fear.

Life happens in small moments. If we spend every moment worrying about the future, we’ll miss the goodness in our life right now. So I’m learning to take it all in doses. Yes, I still read the news because I think it is important to be knowledgeable. However, when I feel myself beginning to slip into that worrisome, fearful state of mind, I back away from the news. God has not given us a spirit of fear (2 Timothy 1:4), so I refuse to allow myself to succumb to that.  I’m going to enjoy life’s little moments and know that God is in total control.