May 03, 2004

Pins and Needles

When Robert got home last night, he informed me that they told him at drill this weekend to be expecting a phone call this week. They also told them to be prepared to be gone for 18-24 months, and that their destination will be Iraq. Now I was fine until he said that. Then I cried a little. For my son. Elijah is only 6 months old. If Robert were to be gone for two years, Elijah would not remember him. Yes, I can show him pictures and talk about his daddy to him, but that's not the same as seeing him every day.

So now I must put my game face on. Yes, if he has to go to Iraq I'll worry about him. But if he has to go, I want our time together now to be good. I don't want him to leave and have him worry about me the entire time he's away. I want him to leave knowing that I will be okay, and that his family will be right here waiting for him when he returns home to us.