April 07, 2006

Life goes on

It's been a full week now since all this craziness occurred. I still feel troubled. I feel unsettled. But I'm trusting in God to be in control of all this.

It's been a full three months since Robert's homecoming. Some days I have to remind myself that he was ever gone for so long. Then there are those days when I see that faraway look in his eyes and know that the battle scars are there. I was told that the transitional period of returning to "normal" life would be the same length as however Robert was gone. I thought they were crazy then. I believe them now. War changes people. Soldiers and families alike. Thank God for strength of unity.

So this is my life. For some reason, God has chosen to lead me down a path I never imagined I'd go. I'm walking, sometimes unsteady and unsure, but I'm walking nonetheless. I thank God for allowing me to be the one to go through this. Obviously, He thought me strong enough to handle it, else He wouldn't have given it to me. And I know in the end, I will be wiser, caring, understanding, and empathetic.