April 19, 2006

To share, or not to share

I have been rethinking this whole blog thing. I've asked myself what is the purpose for keeping a blog? It seems that over the last two years or so, my blog has evolved. At this point, I'm not sure what my purpose is for blogging.

There's the issue of getting too personal. Sharing too much information isn't always a good thing. I do have the tendency to lay everything on the table, because I think being personal allows people to see that I'm a real person, too. Now I'm questioning if this was a good idea or not.

I would never want to do anything that would be detrimental to me or my family or friends. There's a fine line there and there have been times in the recent past when I've thought to myself that I crossed the line in sharing too much, opening too much of myself here.

I wanted to keep it real. Open. Honest. Truth. But when is too much too much?

I'm deciding what to do. I don't want to delete everything. Yet, I am not sure if I've been too open, too revealing here. Once I decide what my purpose for having a blog is, I will determine what to do.