April 11, 2006


"It's not necessarily the amount of time you spend at practice that counts; it's what you put into the practice."
- Eric Lindros

I do my best to "practice" writing every day. Some days I write up to 10 pages before I stop. Other, only 2 or 3. But whatever the page count, I write by hand.

While writing my daily practice pages several days ago, I realized something. Most of my pages are blather. Just the daily grind kind of things. I like to write my thoughts or particular occurrences from my daily life, simply because many times I've gone back and found nuggets to use for essays. But I wondered at what point my daily practice become daily blubber.

In high school, I wrote my very first short story in my journal for English class. I quickly bored of the "Today I ..." entries. I decided to just let my imagination run wild on the pages. Oh, what fun! I even wrote an entire entry once in French! (I shudder to think of the errors in that one!)

My point in saying all this is, practice makes perfect. Yes. But, perfect practice makes perfect! I mean, when practice can be perfected on some level--making my writing about more than just daily happenings--it becomes perfect in itself. It teaches me and I learn from it and grow from it. It really doesn't matter if I write for 50 minutes or 10, three pages or twenty. It's what I put into that practice that matters.

What are you practicing that can be perfected?