April 05, 2009

Managing My Home & Finances

After a pretty rough month last month and a well-deserved break, I am ready to roll up my sleeves and get back to work. I've been letting things "go" just to maintain my own sanity, but enough is enough. Now it's time to get back to the land of the living.

I am starting April with a new outlook on my personal life. My sister has encouraged and motivated me to step up and fill my own shoes. I've been using the excuse for way too long that, "I don't know how" but that excuse just won't cut it anymore. I'm teaching myself how to manage my life, my home, my family. Because the truth is, that is exactly what my job is right now. So I need to become the best at it that I can be.

First things first.

There are two main areas I am concentrating on right now: organizing my home and my finances. I personally believe these are two very important factors of a home and they go hand-in-hand. When the house is a wreck and relationships falter, more than likely if you dig a little deeper there's financial problems lurking, too. I don't want either of these to happen to my family, so I'm going to be much more proactive about safeguarding both.

How I'm doing it.

After I decided this, I knew I needed a game plan. I need to become totally focused to accomplish the following things (in no particular order):

  • Becoming debt-free
  • Organize my schedule
  • Organize my family's schedule
  • Organize our homeschool routine
  • Organize our household chores and routines
  • Implement new house rules, chore charts, rewards & consequences system, & allowance plan for kids

Now that I know exactly what areas I want to concentrate on first, I can create my plan of execution. Doesn't that sound SERIOUS?! :) I want it to. ;) I started by creating a few financial worksheets, based on Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover book. I built them in Word and tweaked them to fit my own needs.

Next, I went hunting online for more printables to stock my notebook. I needed a simple planner system for myself and another to create a homeschool schedule for my daughter. I also dug around until I found more printables for chore charts, financial goal setting worksheets, etc. (I discovered a FANTASTIC website for printables that is VERY affordable--check my resources at the end of this post.)

Little by little.

I'm currently still putting together my Household Notebook. I started with my financial worksheets because that was the most important thing at the top of my list. Once I got all those together, I came back to my computer and printed out more sheets for the rest of my notebook. I'll most likely just build on it over the weeks to come, printing out sheets as I see need for them. (I don't want to waste ink or paper on pages I "might" use. I want to be sure they are essential to my system.)

Interested in hearing more?

I will share my experiences as I revamp my home and finances. I'm excited and hopeful. The only way to change something is to stop talking about it, stop dreaming about it, stop wishing it would happen, and get up and DO SOMETHING to start making those changes today. You can't change everything overnight, but every tiny little step forward adds up to a journey of a thousand miles. :)