March 30, 2009

Finding My Footing

I haven’t blogged in a few weeks because I’ve been trying to find my footing. I also don’t find it as easy to blog about personal matters any more. I used to blog about everything from screwing up my weight loss to missing my husband while he was in Iraq. Now I find it difficult to open up and share very much, for fear it will be somehow used against me. I’ll set aside those apprehensions for now to give a brief update.

I’ve been on a break from school. I’ve actually changed schools and my major as well and feel so much better since. I finally realized the biggest reason why I’ve been struggling to make it through every class was largely due to me chasing a dead dream. Once I realized this, making the decision to change my major became incredibly simple and easy.

There are many things going on right now that pulls at me from every direction. Some days I feel like I’ll break. Of course, everybody insists that I’m strong so somehow I manage to pull through despite the pressure.

For now, I’m learning—yet again—how to create balance and maintain my sanity. Going through a repeat of what we went through a few short years ago isn’t any easier now than it was back then.

I’m also working on improving certain areas of my life, some of which I might decide to share about here for posterity sake. One thing I know for sure is life is anything but boring. :)