June 06, 2004


Three words tickle my ears this morning. Dark. Roasted. Coffee. Ahhhhhh. For some reason I had the hair-brained idea to purchase medium roast coffee. MEDIUM roast??? What in the world was I thinking? So when I went back for a new package of dark roast last week, imagine my surprise and disgust when there was no dark roast Community Coffee! YIKES!

*Disclaimer: I was born in Tenneessee, but raised in Louisiana. You can take the girl out of Cajun country, but you can't take all the Cajun out of the girl!

Community Coffee ROCKS! Fortunately for me, I managed to dig around in the shelves until I found a canister of dark roasted Folgers. *SIGH* Okay, so Folgers isn't the same as my Community, but at least it's dark roast!

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