June 12, 2004


It's never easy saying good-bye to a loved one. My heart was wrenched with pain last night as we watched Mrs. Reagan say her last farewell. Robert and I were both moved to tears. The Reagan family has always been an American icon. They stood for family, honor, duty, morals. They had strong faith. I'd never given much thought to it until yesterday. But it almost seemed as though one of the last of the true Americans (in the full sense of the word) was laid to rest.

I especially enjoyed the stories that each of the children told. I thought they honored their dad by sharing the parts of him that they knew so well with the entire world. They shared with us a part of the man that made him so well-loved and respected. It was also amazing to see so many people, of vast nationalities and social statuses, to come together and pay respects to such a man.