October 21, 2004

Truly, truly I do

Pre-mobilization photo

I love my Honey Bunny. I truly do. And because I miss him so much, I decided that I would blog about him tonight while I'm sitting here dreaming of him. If reading sappy lovey-lovey things bores you, then feel free to yawn your way to another blog. ;)

What do I love about him?
  • He's kind.
  • He's funny.
  • He's silly.
  • He's caring.
  • He's compassionate.
  • He supports me unconditionally.
  • He "gets" me.

(My list goes on for miles.)

How did we meet?
  • At church.
  • The first time I met him, I thought he was the goofiest person I'd ever met.
  • I told a friend that if Robert were the last man alive on the face of the earth, I would never marry him. (Boy, did I ever EAT those words!) ;)

Did I say, "YES!" immediately when he asked me to marry him?
  • NOPE!
  • He asked many times.
  • I was afraid to say, "YES!"
  • He didn't give up.

When did he first ask me out on a date?
  • At our church Christmas banquet.
  • My friends conspired to help me against me and "accidentally" seated us beside each other.
  • He came up to me afterwards and asked me out.
  • I responded in the only way I knew how (smart-aleky) and said, "Noooooo, Robert!"
  • I was joking.
  • He thought I was serious.
  • He just said, "Okay," and walked off.

So how did we end up together?
  • I had to suck it up and work up my nerve to call him and tell him that I really did want to go out with him.
  • He gladly asked me out again.
  • The rest is history.

Sometimes I forget what my life was like before I met Robert. And sometimes I can't imagine what my life would be like if I never had met him.

If I searched the whole over, far and wide, I would NEVER find another man who would be so wonderful to me. It's amazing to know that I am blessed with a best friend and husband, wrapped all up in one sweet package.

He's my Honey Bunny and I wuv him!