March 26, 2005

Graceful Endurance

High station in life is earned by the gallantry with which appalling experiences are survived with grace.
- Tennessee Williams

At times there are circumstances in our lives which require survival. We have to learn to exist through them and support ourselves to outlive the adversity. They include conditions that are beyond our control, such as: accidents, natural disasters, etc..

My life's mantra has always been "Everything Happens For A Reason!" I firmly believe that, and I have learned something else that I have added to that.

Life isn't black and white. Our experiences in life do not fall into only two categories (good/bad). Instead, they fall into a new category I made up--Life Lesson #(?).

To look at our circumstance as though it's either good or bad, blinds us to learning. If it's "good" we rarely even take a moment to reflect upon it. We just take it for granted that good fortune has been bestowed upon us.

In contrast, when something "bad" happens, we stay in that moment for days, weeks, years even! We ask, "Why?" when we should instead be taking notes for our test!

Life is a classroom. "Stuff" will always happen, and we have two choices:
  1. Fixate on the negatives and never learn our lesson

  2. or
  3. Survive with grace!