March 25, 2005

Here I am!

"Your children learn more of your faith during the bad times than they do during the good times"
- Beverly LaHaye

To the Faithful Few who continue to ask, "When are you going to post something new on your blog?" --here it is. ;)

Why I haven't blogged much lately
I reached a point where I felt like I didn't have anything to say. Then I felt like the things I did have to say were probably not very important to others. When I get down....I get DOWN!

The earlier part of this week was wasted, for the most part. I have been in one of my "I-miss-my-husband-and-want-him-to-come-home" phases. Yeah, you guess it. Crying. Whining. Fussing. Unbrushed hair. Unbrushed teeth. *yuck* Yes, it got pretty bad.

Something woke me up
Yesterday I received an email from Angela, in which she asked me to critique her reaction to something. As I replied back to her, something broke loose inside.

I realized that I really do choose my actions and reactions in life. No, I don't always choose the right way. I'm far from perfect. But the lovely thing is that even when I do mess up and make the wrong choice, guess what?? I can't start all over again, right from where I am!

Then I got the above quote in my email this morning. And what an eye opener it is! What am I showing my children? That God isn't able? That God can't supply my needs? That I stand alone in my trials and tribulations?

Oh no!! I need to show my children that no matter what I am going through, no matter what my mood is, no matter how big and bad my problem seems to get, I always have God on my side!