February 27, 2006

Friend of mine

I've been sitting here, enjoying my "peas and quiet" while Elijah naps this morning, thinking about what I could blog about. My attention has been diverted for a few weeks now. Sometimes one just needs to step away from the rat race and take a breather.

I've been thinking about my life. Over the last ten years, friends have come and gone. Very few (less than three, in fact) have remained and proven to be true friends. And sometimes I forget what it's even like to have a close friend. Not an acquaintance. A real friend. One whom you can lay your worries on, and who can lay her worries on you. One who is there for the heartaches, to wipe away your tears, hold your hand, and cry with you. One who is there to celebrate the joys and share her joys with you. These friends are precious jewels, and are extremely rare to find.

Then sometimes a true friend comes along unexpectedly. Out of nowhere, she's there. This morning I'm thinking about such a friend. We've never met face-to-face, but we've been friends for over two years now. She has helped me through some terrible times. She's been there to listen, when I needed to call and cry. She is sympathetic, caring, and trustworthy. She's been there for me more times than I could count, when I had nobody else to turn to. She's been like a sister to me, and sometimes I tell her I think we were separated at birth.

I love you, Angela. You are one of my dearest and closest friends. I value your friendship and I thank you for being honest, truthful, and most of all, for your kind heart. I pray that God blesses you and your family!