February 20, 2005


I love art. It makes me think.....and it makes me "not" think. :) Artwork allows me to be creative without worrying if it's good enough or not.

This is a journal I did this weekend for a special friend. I removed the covers from the binding and redecorated them, using mixed media. It's almost ugly, but I think that was the look I was trying to achieve. Every detail on each cover represents something specific for this friend. I am going to give this to her, along with a note that will tell her what each "thing" stands for. This will be called her "Healing Journal."

front cover

back cover

Here's a list of the details and what they mean (in my eyes.
¢ pen - This is your voice. Pen gives life to words.
¢ red swirls - The ink that flows from your pen will revitalize you. It stands for the stimulating words that will flow as you write, and the rebirthing of something new inside you.
¢ blue tissue - This represents the broken fabric of the relationship you are mourning. Something that you thought "was" was not. One day this will be healed and whole again.
¢ perfume bottle - Something "sweet" will enter your life. Then you will realize that you have everything you've ever needed and wanted and LIFE will be sweeter.
¢ "journal" - well…this one is DUH! lol
¢ "dream" dictionary page - To remind you to keep dreaming, because dreams creates desire and desire prompts us to action. One day your dreams WILL come true!
¢ "feel" tag - Allow yourself to feel the pain, then learn from it. Pain isn't bad, unless you make it bad.
¢ puzzle piece - The piece of puzzle that seems to be missing from your life will be placed in your hand by God at the right moment. For now, while your puzzle is missing that single piece, focus on what you DO have-GOD.

¢ First of all, as you notice, it is upside down. This is a symbol of how you may feel some things in your life are right now. When things feel "upside down" though, we can see them differently. Whatever is feeling upside down, take a closer look. See something you never saw before?
¢ lady - Sadness might fill part of your life, but it doesn't fill ALL of it. Jesus will turn your sorrow into JOY.
¢ checked paper - represents your friendships. Know who your TRUE friends are. These are the ones who are knit tightly and interwoven in your life. They are the ones who are there for you, stick by you, through thick and thin, no matter what. If they don't honor YOU, they aren't your TRUE friends.
¢ red tag - a reminder that sometimes you keep looking at the SAME situation because you didn't see what you were SUPPOSED to see in it the first time around. If you face a trial for the second time around, stop, look and listen. What did you miss the first time?
¢ "why?" - We all ask this question MANY times. Don't be afraid to ask, "Why?" It's okay to ask that question. You WILL find the answers you seek.
¢ red blob - your heart may feel broken and bruised. but one day….
¢ heart - …it will be whole again. You will love and be loved by someone who respects and deserves you.