February 03, 2005

Up and ATTEM!

This morning something is stirring inside of me. My well has felt quite emptied out lately by everything that has been happening. I started refilling it by reading The Right to Write, by Julia Cameron. I jot notes down as I read onto Post-It notes and stick them to the page. I have purple and now blue (because I ran out of the purple ones!) sticky notes peeking out from every page of the book! If you are a writer and need inspiration, or a shove, I highly reccomend this book.

Anyway, so my whole point was that I am ready to conquer the world............er, um..........I mean TODAY. I'm ready to conquer this DAY. I have already done a bit of work this morning and will do so throughout the day today and tomorrow. Then this weekend I am going to play with a new website that I am creating for all the wives of our support group. I'm excited about this project and can't wait to get started on it. I will update you on that later with a link. We're still collaborating on a name for the website.

Happy day to you all! Create a wonderful day. I will do that same! :)