October 10, 2005

Give me Jesus

Give me JesusAs I read my scripture passage for today, I feel so encouraged by God. And it's really just another confirmation of what Pastor preached last night. The title of his sermon was, "How Long is the Night?" The title of his sermon yesterday morning was, "The Miracle is in Your Mouth." Get the idea? We really are in control of how long the darkness surrounds us.

A few months ago I went through an extremely difficult trial; in my family, which affected my spirit. I felt beaten down and broken. Hopeless. Angry. How, after all, could a loving God allow such a bad thing to happen?!

Once I finally overcame my own flesh, I was able to take a step back and realize a couple of things. One, just because something happens (good or bad), that doesn't mean God allowed it to. And secondly, most of the "bad" things bring good in the end.

I was so focused and fixed on the negatives of the situation that I couldn't see any good coming from it. Oh, but it did! God taught me a valuable lesson. Trust. Faith. And praising Him, in good times and bad.

Without God in my life, I know I would be a basket case right now. And believe me...I don't say those words lightly. My closest friends can attest to that fact. They've seen me at my lowest and weakest. But through God, and with God, I can do all things!

Jesus is my source of strength. He is a very present help in time of need. Sometimes those words sound redundant and rote, but if you chew them for a while, you will taste the sweet, savory flavors of their truth.

Let the world have their vane gods, but give me Jesus!