October 04, 2005

Today's Blossoms

From my rose bush in the front yard this summer.I walked to the kitchen to pour my first cup of coffee for the day. I opened the cabinet door and reached for a mug. Rote actions. Then I stopped; lifted the mug back up to eye level and read the quote on it:
"Each day is like a garden path--we look around to find the blossoms even sweeter than the ones we left behind."
- Julie Campbell

That gave me the wake-up jolt I needed from the coffee I was about to pour inside the mug.

What blossoms have I left behind? What contribution did I make to this world yesterday? To my children? To my own life?

I want to begin anew today. I want to breathe deeply and inhale the scents as I trod along my garden path today. I want to pluck beautiful, sweet-smelling blossoms, to gather into a magnificent bouquet. I want to make today the day to grasp what is mine, no matter what it looks like, and turn it into something of grand beauty.

"He hath made everything beautiful in His time."
- Ecclesiastes 3:11