January 29, 2005


I love it when Inspiration pays me a visit. Actually, I love it when I stop going on my feelings and just do what I know to do.

This morning I am feeling very motivated and inspired. Not in a generalized way, like normal. Today I have specific tasks I will work on. There is one thing in particular I've been putting off doing for almost a year now. The time is NOW. (I will share what I'm talking about with you later.)

Isn't is strange how we allow our emotions to rule us? Well, okay, maybe not you, but I certainly have a terrible habit of doing that. I tend to go on how I'm feeling, which usually stops me dead in my tracks. I'm tired of that. I want to try something different.

Creating a new habit is difficult. This is a new habit I desire. I am requiring of myself to tell my emotions, "STOP!" whenever they tell me I'm not good enough, or I am not smart enough, or I can do it later. Later never comes.

Today's Thought: Inspire and motivate yourself. The end result is pure delight!