January 30, 2005

Things I'm thankful for

After spending over a week with sickness, I am so thankful my family is regaining health. Elijah was sick (with RSV), Emily was sick, I was sick. I think if we had a pet goldfish, it would be sick as well!

True love, not infatuation or lust, will carry you through the weakest moments. Loneliness is no match for love. Heartache and heartbreak fades into the distance when compared to love. Love conquers all, bears all, forgives all, mends all, understands.....

My husband and I are blessed to possess the use of the power of technology. There was a point during many wars when wives watched their husbands leave on trains, then waited months, years even, for a word from their loved one, only to be met with deafening silence. Today, technology has advanced even beyond the telephone line. We now have the added benefit of internet. We can sit, hundreds of miles seperate from one another, and chat in real time. It's not the same as hearing his voice, but at least I can talk to him and know that he is safe.