January 05, 2005

*Sniff* *Cough*

I have a terrible sinus infection--or SOMETHING. I've been cruddy all week. It started Sunday night and just progressed from then on. At first I thought I might have been coming down with the flu. But now I'm thinking it's a sinus infection.

I'm back in school! Whoops! Did I just say that OUT LOUD? I was going to keep it a secret and only share that bit of news with a chosen few. Well, I guess that means YOU'RE included in that chosen few! :)

Seriously, I decided this is my year. Last year was a terrific year. I accomplished many things. I learned many things. I grew. I blossomed. I evolved.

I'm still learning, growing, and all that good stuff. But I feel like instead of standing at the bottom of a long, twisting stairwell looking up into blackness, I am now at least a third of the way up those stairs. I actually see a spot of light at the top now. I feel encouraged about the progress I've made so far. I am ready to climb a litttle higher!