January 31, 2005

Media Imbecility

I am so sick of how the media uses these catch words and phrases to try and freak people out about the war. I wish for one time the would just give the news, straight up. No fluff. No opinions. No tapdancing. Just the news.

The latest trend in their atrocious word plot is deadly. I first heard them use this word when the marine helicopter crashed last week. "The deadliest day for American soldiers in Iraq."

This morning I get up, click over to the website where I normally view the news, and what do I see? "Crash is deadliest day for U.K. in Iraq."


EVERY day is deadly in Iraq. EVERY day our loved ones are fighting in a WAR. I have a great dislike for how the media has basically turned themselves into a three-ring circus. They toy with our thoughts and emotions.

For once, just give me the NEWS!