January 07, 2005

Thank you, Friend!

Boy, I have been down in the dumps a lot lately. With the roller coaster ride I've been on for months now some days it's hard to look up. One thing is for sure, I have certainly learned who my true friends are.

But you know what's even better than a friend helping you out when you're down? That same friend turning to you when she's down.

Thank you, Friend (I won't point you out, you know who you are) for turning to me today. Thank you for giving me the chance to lend my hand to you when you were in need. Thank you for allowing yourself to be weak for a moment and lean on me. Thank you for leaning on my shoulder. Thank you!

Most of my friends won't talk about their "stuff" to me now that my "stuff" seems much greater than most. But that's not fair to me. Yes, I'm dealing with a great amount of stress right now. But listening to others and helping other deal with their "stuff" actually helps take my mind off my "stuff."

Okay, I feel like I'm talking in circles right now so I'll shut up. :)