January 14, 2005

What this girl wants

I'm tired of fighting this surge of energy I feel inside. I'm tired of chaining my creativity to my soul. I'm tired of not keeping the promises that I make to myself. I'm tired of....HEY! Good grief...I'm tired of being TIRED.

So what do I want?

I want to create. I want to free this pent up creatitity that's bursting at my seams. I want to write and not be afraid to share with others. I want to be proud of myself, and all that I do. I want to know that those who mean the most to me are proud of me.

I want to measure up to my definition of success. I want to achieve, to succeed and to excel in everything I do and hope to do.

How will this happen?

I am going to create a mission for myself. Mission 2005. Look out world...here I come!