January 22, 2004

Doctor Day
Elijah has to go for his 2 month well-baby check-up this morning. It should be a quick trip, though, since he already got his shots at the health department. I dread getting the kids out in the freezing cold. But it has to be done! :)
I received three new books in the mail yesterday that I wasn't expecting. I was going to bring a botebook with me to the doctor's office so that I could write a bit. Now I cna't decide if I want to do that or bring a book to read. I will probably just bring a book because more than likely I won't even be able to read, unless Eli is asleep while we're there. I doubt he will be!
That's it for now! Time's slipping by, and I've got to start getting things together. I'm going to try to blog again later today. Have a great day!