January 10, 2004

Winding down...
The end of the day has finally come. I'm tired. I didn't get much accomplished today. I need to cut back on my caffeine. I wonder if that is contributing to my tiredness.

If you are a writer, you have to go read A Writer's Answering Machine, by Angela Giles Klocke. It's hilarious! Even if you're not a writer, go read it. You'll get a laugh out of it.

Tomorrow will be a long day for me. We are starting our long choir practices, getting ready for R.I.O.T. (our annual revival). You can also learn more about where I attend church by clicking here.

Well, that's it for me tonight. My brain is beginning to shut down. I'll try to post either in the morning before church, or tomorrow night when we get back home. Hope you have a great day!!