January 23, 2004

Is it FACT or FALSE?
  One of my favorite shows is "Starting Over". This is a daily must for me. It encourages and inspires me to keep trying every day and to never give up on my dreams.
  Six women live together in the Starting Over house. There they set goals to work towards their ultimate goal of starting their life over. Each day brings struggles and challenges to the women, which they must work through. The life coaches are there also to help them and to provide more goals.
  One of the previous episodes, Rhonda, a Life Coach, talked with the women about truth, fear and perception. What she said reallly stood out in my mind and for some reason I'm thinking about it this morning.
  Everything is about perception. When we talk to someone, we may perceive what they say as one thing, when they actually mean something totally different. Outward appearances can also be deceptive in perception. Just because someone looks a certain way, we automatically place them into "categories". This is so wrong! Sometimes our perception is cloudy because we fear learning the true "reality".
  Posted on my bulletin board is a sign that talks about fear. It reads, "Fear stands for False Evidence Appearing Real. Think about it! Fear and perception goes hand in hand. The way we look at a situation determines whether we FEAR it, or EMBRACE and LEARN from it.
  The next time you are faced with a situation and immediately start thinking the worst, STOP! Ask yourself, "Is this a FACT? Or is this FALSE?" Look at the evidence. Weigh it. Do you know for a fact that the way you are perceiving it is the way it truly is?
  Perception and Truth. Take a step back. Ask questions. Find out the other person's point of view. Have an open mind. Differentiate between facts and fear.