January 06, 2004

Reaching Your Goals

"You do not have to know "how" you will reach your goals to begin. Just begin and let the "how" unfold." - Author Unknown

At the end of 2003 I realized just how much emphasis I'd placed on the "how", instead of actually working. I had spent so much time reading about how to become a success, that I'd not put my own abilities to test near as often as I could have. You see, I was trying to follow the path of someone else. I was trying to walk in the way that was not my own.

The journey we take is as unique and individual as each of us. No two journeys are the same. For what works for you may not work for me. We must each clear our own paths, create our own destinies.

The scariest thing for humans is the fear of the unknown. If we can't see, touch, or feel it, we don't like it. The intangible, however, is our best friend. Even though we make mistakes and don't always go the way we should, with tomorrow lies new hopes and new beginnings.

The one sure way to achieve what we set out for is to simply begin working at it today. Don't wander aimlessly, searching for a "sure-fire" way. Find the path that you know is right for YOU. Set your course, keep your eye on the prize at the end of the road, and make the journey!