January 30, 2004

Long Day

  This has been a long day, but is winding down to a good end. I wasn't able to get very much done up to lunchtime because I had to hold Eli all morning. He's not feeling very well, but I don't really know what's wrong with him.

  This afternoon I was able to write more on my WIP. (Yay!) I'm having fun with it. I'm still not sure where it will go, but I'm going to keep writing and see!

  Emily and I made our trip to the library today. She was very good. She loves going to the library.

  I just finished some housecleaning that I was going to put off until tomorrow. I'm happy now that it's done. Tomorrow I can focus more on other things I need to do, and prepare for Eli's dedication Sunday morning.

  I know this is a terrible post today, but I don't really have half a brain to write anything too complicated. :) I'll try to do better tomorrow!!

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