January 12, 2004

What a Sweetie Pie!!

This has been a rough day. Yes, I know I said that already. Just checking to make sure you're reading. :)

So, Robert got home after 7 tonight. When he got home, I was still ill at him (we'll just leave that one alone). Well, I guess he knew, so he defrosted the freezer for me. LOL AND THEN, when he finished that, he took Elijah off my hands and said, "Go take you a nice, hot bubble bath." Is he sweet or what?? How could I stay mad at him after he did that? :)

I had to wash my hair, so I took a shower instead. Now I'm sitting here relaxing, and feeling much better. I let the water wash my tension away. :) No really, I did. I did deep breathing for a couple of minutes to relax myself. I need to MAKE myself do it more often throughout the day. I really do feel that I released some of the stress. My neck doesn't feel as tense as it did earlier.

I added more blog links to the left, but thought I'd mention a couple anyway.

Snakes & Snails and Sugar & Spice is new at One Young Parent. It is updated every Saturday.

Java Diva has a funny post today about coffee cups. She sounds just like me. :)

The Prattling Pastor's Wife is a wholesome blog. Leann is also HS mom and offers lots of information on homeschooling.

A Woman of Notable Character for 2004 is also a great blog for Christian ladies to check out.

And that concludes the new blogs I found this week! :)

Today I...
  • Worked on synopsis for my inspirational romance book
  • Journaled
  • Blogged!!

Hmm....looks like I didn't get much done. I'll have to make up for it tomorrow.