January 05, 2004

Yucky, Blucky DayThe weather was yucky all day today. Dreary and cold outside, making me lazy inside. :) Unfortunately, I have not done any writing yet today. I had lots of housework to catch up on because of being gone the biggest part of the day. Mondays are always terrible in that aspect. I'm almost caught up now; working on the last couple of loads of laundry. I'm hoping to write some later when both kids are in bed and it's quieter. Emily's been wound up the last couple of hours. I think she's catching her second wind since she didn't get a nap today.

In case you haven't read it yet, I put another new article up today, "Heart Whispers". Clicking this link will open the article in a new window for you to read.

That's it for today. Hope you all had a good day today. May the Lord's blessings be with you!