January 14, 2004

"Growth is a process. Death may be automatic, but growth is not."
- John Maxwell

Remember when you were younger, how you could hardly wait for your next birthday? You just couldn't wait until you were one year older. Or how about the year you turned old enough for a driver's license. Didn't it seem like your birthday would never get here?

Growth takes time. And sometimes (especially for me!) this is a hard thing to keep in mind. You set a goal. You make a game plan so you'll know in what direction you're headed. But it seems like it's taking forever and you're never going to reach that mark.

The process of maturing, in any circumstance, is a slow process. It takes patience and perserverance. It doesn't happen overnight. Babies aren't born into this world ready to eat a fat, juicy cheesburger (with all the fixings!), tator tots and a large Coke. They have to start with milk. Many months pass before they are even able to take their first bite of mushy cereal and soft crackers.

The ripening of our development will start with milk. What are some small things we can work on to jumpstart us towards the direction of our destination? After "drinking our milk" and starting on the small "foods", the next process is learning to walk.

The first steps of a baby are wobbly and unsure, at best. They fall on their bottoms. Then they laugh and get right back up to try again. Quitters never win, and winners never quit!

There will be instances of failure along the way. Nobody said this was a golden-paved path. In order to win, you must be willing to fail. This means you must never give up.

What are your goals? Make a list of yearly and monthly goals. Print this out and place it somewhere visible so that you will see the goals many times throughout each day. When you accomplish one, scratch a big checkmark beside it. Seeing what you've already accomplished will help keep the momentum going. It will propel you to the next level.

The next time you feel like you're accomplishing absolutely nothing, think about a baby. Remember that nobody who is somebody got there without first taking baby steps!